Sprint Updates

Sprint 7 Update

This last sprint, we worked on making huge UI changes! We got a lot of feedback that players weren’t totally aware of their abilities as well as general health or objectives. We added a UI very reminiscent of one of our inspirations, Diablo. This UI is now cleaner and sits at the bottom of the players screen. Incorporated are reload timers, so the player knows how long he has before he’s out of bullets or when he can use them again. We have also been preparing for our big event: Game Developer’s Conference! We are super excited to demo our game to people in the industry and get their feedback. The experience will be very eye opening as we get hardened gaming industry veterans to try our game and let us know what we can do to make our game even better!

Sprint 6 Update

The focus of this sprint was to make our game longer! To those that have constantly play tested our game were burned out on playing the same two levels over and over again. So we decided to go forward with creating our new “world” the new world forces our hero to scale a wintery mountain and face the Wendigo. We have three enemies for this world: an ice imp with an ice bolt weapon, a wolf that can howl and summon more wolves, and the wendigo, which is a large beast that can attack the player with many ice elements.

Sprint 5 Update

Hello! This is our first update since coming back from winter break. We took this chance to look at the user experience we received from EAE play, and was using to make our game friendlier for those that will be playing our game. People wanted a roll or an escape mechanic, so that way if they got stuck in a corner or needed to get out of a situation fast. We implemented that as well as fix all our bugs that were present in the EAE play demo. Looking back on our user feedback we also noticed that the shotgun weapon was overpowered and needed proper balancing, so look to that in the future! The next task that we are wanting to include more levels for longer play!

Sprint 4 Update

This was the big day: EAE PLAY. This sprint focus was to have our game as polished as possible and have people play our game! The feedback was enormous and super helpful. People LOVED our game. It was hard to get critical feedback because either people were too nice or just didn’t know how to phrase our concerns. We did learn a few things from watching people play though; our game is super hard, but people don’t find it so frustrating that they just want to quit the game. We may have also found a large demographic than we expected. We expected it to fall in the 20-year-old range of age, but kids were playing our game as well and loved it!

About the Game

University of Utah

The Wild West is plunged into chaos when the land is cursed by an artifact known simply as, The Cursed Revolver. Discovered by an unsuspecting cowboy, the revolver becomes bound to him, and demands payment of life. The cowboy must now face the deadly demons of the west if he is to have any hope of breaking the curse.